Section 4.3 International Academic NetWorkshop– Asia Pacific(IANW-AP)


Kilnam Chon participated 1995 IANW in Stockholm, and suggested Bob Kummerfeld of Australia, Jos Luhukay of Indonesia and Haruhisa Ishida of Japan to participate IANW in the following year.  When Bob Kummerfeld with his Australian colleagues and Jos Luhukay participated1996 IANW in Dublin, we decided to meet together to discuss on network coordination in Asia Pacific, and International Academic NetWorkshop – Asia Pacific (IANW-AP) was born. This was one of the first (informal) meetings in Asia to coordinate the Internet and other computer networks in Asia. Some IANW participants from Europe and North America also participated IANW-AP meetings as observers. 


We discussed on workshops on computer networking including annual Joint Workshop on Computer Communications(JWCC) which was one of the spinoff events of Pacific Computer Communications Symposium (PCCS) which was held in 1985.  We also discussed on AsiaNet, which was proposed during NUS/UNESCO Workshop in National University of Singapore in February 1994 and was implemented in the same year.  We also updated each other on computer networking in each country and each region in Asia Pacific. We also discussed to encourage other countries in Asia to participate IANW and IANW-AP in the coming years. 


IANW-AP was held annually in the following years in 1980s as an informal forum to discuss on usual subjects including AsiaNet, information exchange on computer networking, and events in Asia and around the world.  IANW participants from Asia were limited to the three countries in the first IANW-AP Meeting in 1986, but the following year in Princeton in 1987 when several more countries including China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore joined.


IANW-AP stopped its annual meeting when IANW stopped its annual meeting with  the last meeting in Sydney in 1989. More formal and elaborate coordination meetings in Asia had to wait until the creation of APCCIRN in 1991 which we started discussion with CCIRN during International NETworking Conference (INET) in Copenhagen,  the successor of IANW.

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