Section 4.5 Joint Workshop on Computer Communications(JWCC) - draft


Pacific Computer Communications Symposium (PCCS) had two spin-off events;

  - Joint Workshop on Computer Communications (JWCC), and

  - Winter Computer Communications Workshop(WCCW).


An international workshop, JWCC(JCCW originally) was proposed during PCCS in 1985 along WCCW for domestic workshop in Korea.  The first JWCC was held in summer of the next year, 1986 at Sorak Mountain in Korea with the participants from Japan and Korea. In addition to technical presentations, we had meetings on network coordination.  In the initial years, most participants were from Japan and Korea, and other countries in Northeast Asia followed by Southeast Asia as well as other continents participated in later years. 


The JWCC was renamed to International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN) later in 1990s. See ICOIN website, for further information.  JWCC is one of the oldest existing Internet-related conferences with the 26th Conference in 2012.  Older Internet-related conferences include SIGCOMM with its first meeting in 1977 and InfoCom with its first meeting in 1982.


Here are the past events of JWCC;


  1st JWCC         1986.7                   Sorak, Korea  

  2nd JWCC        1987.6.18~20  Tsukuba, Japan

3rd JWCC         1988.7. 7~9          Jeju, Korea  

4th JWCC         1989.                    ?  

  5th JWCC         1990.7. 5~7         Kyongju, Korea 

  6th JWCC         1991.7.17~19       Fukuoka, Japan

  7th JWCC         1992.7.14~16       Jeju, Korea     

  8th JWCC         1993.12.12~14      Taipei, Taiwan 

  9th JWCC?       1994.12 or 1995.1      ?

10th ICOIN        1996.1.29~31        Kyungju, Korea          

11th ICOIN        1997                      ?

12th ICOIN       1998                       Tokyo                 

13th ICOIN       1999                      Tokyo    

14th ICOIN       2000                      Hsinchu, Taiwan

15th ICOIN       2001                      Beppu, Japan    

16th ICOIN       2002                      Jeju, Korea        

17th ICOIN       2003                     Jeju, Korea

18th ICOIN       2004                     Busan, Korea

19th ICOIN       2005                     Jeju, Korea

20th ICOIN       2006                     Sendai, Japan

21th ICOIN       2007                     Estril, Portugal             

22th ICOIN       2008                     Busan, Korea               

23th ICOIN       2009                     Chiangmai, Thailand    

24th ICOIN       2010                     Busan, Korea               

25th ICOIN       2011                     Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

26th ICOIN       2012                     Bali, Indonesia


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