ccTLD: IN (the date of ccTLD delegation: 1989-05-08)

Population (Year)

1,094,870,677 (2000) 1,173,108,018 (2010) 1,189,172,906 (2011)

Internet Population (Year)

5,000,000 (2000) 100,000,000 (2010) 121,000,000 (2011)

Broadband Population (Year)

10,990,000 (2010)

IP Address Allocation (Year):

Number of IPv4 addresses: 34,682,624 (2012)

Number of IPv6/48s : 12,910,620 (2012)

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Srinivasan Ramani

India’s adoption of the Internet started with the Education and Research Network Project (ERNET) aimed at creating India’s academic network. It began with UUCP email exchange in 1986/87 and established TCP/IP connectivity between major cities in 1988. A TCP over X.25 connection was the first international link, set up in 1987. This connected India to the world through a router at CWI in Amsterdam. A TCP/IP link was commissioned to UUNET’s gateway in the US in 1988 using a dial-up link that worked round the clock. This dial-up link was replaced by an analog leased line in 1989 and a 64 Kbps digital leased line in 1992. A commercial service offering TCP/IP connectivity to the world was introduced by a company, VSNL, in 1995. There has been explosive growth after 2000, and the Telecom Regulatory Authority released estimates as of Sept 2010 as follows: 17.9 million Internet connections and 71 million Internet users.

1989 1st Email sent on ERNET to the west. Email and information services.

1990 Leased line connection to USA, worldwide TCP/IP connection.

1995 VSNL starts public email service.

2000 BSES Telecom starts broadband service, the Power Surfer, in Mumbai based on its fibre network.

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