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2017 Hardcopies of First Decade(1980s) and Second Decade (1990s) are available from Amazon, and softcopies from Google Books.

2017-05-10 ICANN History Project

2017-09 Internet Society APAC Connections - September 2017 (Guest Aricle: Internet History - Asian Perspective by Kilnam Chon)

2017-10-15 Call for Papers: ARPANET (1969-1990), Internet Histories.

2017~ Additional personal essays in Chapter 7 of First Decade (1980s)

2018 Luca Belli and Olga Cavalli, Internet Governance and Regulations in Latin America

2019-1 Early RFCs available from Computer History Museum

2019 Internet Interview Projects: Oral Internet History, Robert Mitchell/APNIC, Babbage Insitute, Computer History Museum, Andrew Ure/WiWiW

2019-02-28 Kilnam Chon presented at 2019 APRICOT on Internet History Projects

2019-10-29 50th Anniversary Celebration at UCLA [mirrored site], ARPANET was born 50 years ago, 1969-10-29 (article).

2020 List of Internet Pioneer Interview Projects around the World

2020-12-08 NSFNET 35 Anniversary Celebration

2020-10-24 CSNET-Asia 35th Anniversary Celebration

2021 Sidnedy Reed, DARPA Technical Accomplishment, An historical rein of substantial DARPA projects, IDA P-2192, February 1990.

(2015) Alex McKenzie, Internet, Discovery in Modern Science, pp.565-571, 2014-2015.

2022 The oral histories of the internet and the web, Internet Histories; Digital Technologies, Culture, Society.

2022 History of Computer Communications, ACM & Computer History Museum

2022 Internet is not what you think it is, by Justin E.H. Smith.

Project Milestone

2011-03 Agreed to Launch Asia Internet History Project during Global INET.

2011-10 Formed Coordination Committee of Asia Internet History Projects.

2012-01 Formed Advisory Group of Asia Internet History Projects.

2011~2013 Interviewed Internet Pioneers for Video Recording (YouTube)

2013-12 Published Book 1, A History of the Internet in Asia: First Decade (1980~1990); available from Google and Amazon

2015-02 Published Book 2, A History of the Internet in Asia: Second Decade (1991~2000); available from Google and Amazon

2016-05 Published Book 3, A History of the Internet in Asia: Third Decade (2001~2010); available from sec@InternetHistory.asia

2016-06 Internet History Project moved to maintenance mode with periodic updates.

2016-06~ Request for national Internet history articles on Internet Governance, Cyber Security, Online Education, Snapshots,....

2019-06 Decided to publish Asia Internet History, Fourth Decade (2010s) in 2022.

2020-01 Table of Contents of Asia Internet History, Fourth Decade (2010s)

2021-01-01 Published Book 4, Asia Internet History, Fourth Decade (2010s), Softcopy Version 1.0 (with Hardcopy on 2021.4.8)

2021-04 Initial Draft Table of Contents of Asia Internet History, Fifth Decade (2020s)


The Internet in Asia started in 1980s. We are studying on the Internet history of Asian perspective with the following objectives;

- Record what happened in the 1980s as well as the late1970s, and archive the relevant documents.

- Analyze if the collaboration among Asian countries and the world worked well throug the regional and global Internet eco-systems.

We published

the first volume on 1980s in 2013,

the second volume on 1990s in 2015,

the third volume on 2000s in 2016, and

the fourth volume on 2010s in 2021 with the fifthe volume on 2020s in 2031.

Additionally, we interviewed Internet leaders in Asia and the world in 2010s.


Advisory Group - Asia

Australia Bob Kummerfeld, Robert Elz

Bangladesh Hakikur Rahman

Cambodia Norbert Klein

China Hu Daoyuan, Li Xing, Yan Baoping, Zhang Jian

Hong Kong Nam Ng

India Srinivasan Ramani, Madhukar Pitke

Iran Siavash Shahshahani

Indonesia Jos Luhukay

Japan Jun Murai, Shigeki Goto, Tohru Asami

Korea Kilnam Chon, Yongjin Park, Yanghee Choi, Kyungran Kang

Malaysia Mohamed Awang Lah, Sureswaran Ramadass

Myanmar Wit Hmone Tin Latt

Mongol Baasansuren Burmaa

Nepal Gauraub Raj Upadaya

New Zealand Brian Carpenter

Pakistan Naveed Haq

Russia Natalia Bulashova, Dmitry Burkov

Singapore Lawrence Wong, Bernard Tan Tiong Gie, Tan Tin Wee

Sri Lanka Gihan Dias, Abhaya Induruwa

Taiwan Vincent Chen

Thailand Kanchana Kanchanasut

Turkey Bunyamin Atici

Vietnam Le Thuy Cam, Vu Hoang Lien

Yemen Walid Al-Saqaf

Asia Ching Chiao, Daeyoung Kim, James Lee, Paul Wilson

Advisory Group - External

Central Asia Peter Kirstein

Pacific Islands Save Vocea

Africa Tarek Kamel, Pierre Dandjinou

Europe Werner Zorn, Brian Carpenter

North America Larry Landweber, Steve Goldstein, George Sadowsky

Latin America Michael Stanton, Raul Echeberria

Coordination Committee

Kilnam Chon(Chief Editor), Hu Daoyuan, Kanchana Kanchanasut, Bob Kummerfeld, Jun Murai, Lawrence Wong


Jungbae An, Kyungran Kang

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