An Asia Internet History - Fifth Decade (2020s)

Part I: Fifth Decade (2020s)

Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Internet Access

Low Earth Orbital Satellite Internet

Handicapped (Physically, Economically, Geographically)

Chapter 3 Digital Services

Digital Markets/Services


Digital Transformation

Chapter 4 Digital Ecosystems

Internet Ecosystem [ppt]

Appendix; AI [ppt], Data, Dig Services, Security

Chapter 5 E-Commerce

B2B, B2C

Digital Payment

Chapter 6 Global Issues and Internet

Climate and Energy, and Internet

Environment and Internet

Existential Risks and Internet

Other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Internet

Chapter 7 Snapshots of the Internet in 2020s

Chapter 8 Essays by Friends of Asia Internet History Project

Chapter 9 Retrospective


Appendix: Early history of Internet in South Korea

Part II: Half Century of Internet

Invited Articles

Toru Asami
Srinivasan Ramani

Dave Farber
Shigeki Goto
Qiheng Hu
Bob Kummerfeld
Lawrence Landweber
Kiyong Lee
Okhwa Lee
Nii Quaynor
George Sadowski

Remark: The chapter list will be finalized in the mid-2020s.
Remark: More articles may be invited for Part II; lp, ia, rm,...
Remark: Hardcopy will be published in 2031.

Updated: 2022-06-02

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