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An Asia Internet History - Fifth Decade (2020s) - First Edition




CHAPTER 1   Introduction

CHAPTER 2   Internet Access

                      2.1  Overview
2.2  Users

CHAPTER 3   Digital Services

                     3.1 Introduction [ppt]
3.2 Digital Transformation [ppt]
                        3.3 Digital Payment and Digital Currency
3.4 Social Media
                        3.5 Artificial Intelligence                       

CHAPTER 4   Digital Ecosystem

                     4.1 Introduction
4.2 Internet Ecosystem [ppt]
4.3 AI Ecosystem [ppt

CHAPTER 5  Global Issues and the Internet

                    5.1  Introduction
5.2  Climate and Environment
                        5.3  Energy
                        5.4  Existential Risks

CHAPTER 6  Snapshots of the Internet in the 2020s - Invited Articles        

                       6.1 Nepal(Harsha

                       China(fang, "Museum"), India(samiran); Japan (konishi), South Korea (dykim),

CHAPTER 7  Half Century of Internet -  Invited Articles

            7.1 Toru Asami,  A personal history related to the Internet in Japan
      7.2 Srinivasan Ramani, Global catastrophe and the Internet
                       7.3 Kilnam Chon, Early internet development in the 20th century
                      7.4  Kiyong Lee, A story of a lone scholar journeying through the great world of computing and the internet, [pdf,2023.8.19]
                      7.5  Qiheng Hu, Recalling the first 30 years of the Internet in China [English]  [Chinese]

                        Shigeki Goto, Okhwa Lee, Michael Stanton,  George  Sadowski, Abhaya  Induruwa,
                        Tan Tin Wee, Hakikur RahmanJames  Lee
                        Suresh Ramasubramanian
Dave Farber, Bob Kummerfeld, Lawrence Landweber, Nii Quaynor, Dr.Govind

CHAPTER 8  Retrospective


APPENDIX A  Year Table

APPENDIX B  Internet Museum - pending

APPENDIX C "Other References

Remark:  We invite articles for Chapter 6 Snapshots in the 2020s, and Chapter 7 Half Century of Internet.
Remark:  Hardcopies  will be published  in 2026 (First Edition), and 2031 (Final Edition).

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