Fifth Decade (2020s)

Part I: Half Century of Internet

Invited Articles

Dave Farber
Toru Asami
Srinivasan Ramani
Qiheng Hu
Shigeki Goto
Okhwa Lee

(more to come)

Part II: Fifth Decade (2020s)

Candidate Chapters

i) Introduction

ii) Internet Access

Handicapped (Physically, Economically, Geographically)

Low Earth Orbital Satellite Internet

iii) Digital Ecosystems, (with references)

Internet Ecosystem

AI Ecosystem

iv) Digital Space

Digital Markets and Digital Services

Digital Transformation

v) Online Space

WWW Applications (Email, Search)

Social Media (SNS, SMS)


vi) E-Commerce

B2B, B2C

Digital Payment

vii) Global Issues and Internet

Global Warming and Internet

Pollution and Internet

Existential Risks and Internet

viii) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Internet

ix) Snapshots of the Internet around 2030

x) Essays by Friends of Asia Internet History Project

xi) Retrospective

Remarks: List of chapters to be finalized around 2025.

Hardcopy in 2031.

Updated: 2021.5.17

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