ccTLD: JP (the date of ccTLD delegation: 1986-08-05)

Population (Year)

     126,925,843 (2000)    126,804,433 (2010)    126,475,664 (2011)

Internet Population (Year)

     47,080,000 (2000)    99,143,700 (2010)    101,228,736 (2011)        

Broadband Population (Year)

      34,044,729 (2010)

IP Address Allocation (Year):

       Number of IPv4 addresses: 202,061,568 (2012)

       Number of IPv6/48s : 717,561,944 (2012)


4 Popular Websites[from alexa.com]:

    Yahoo! Japan : yahoo.co.jp

    Google Japan : google.co.jp

    Youtube: youtube.com

    Google: google.com



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Additional Bibliography of Japan (by Jun Murai)


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