New Zealand


ccTLD: NZ (the date of ccTLD delegation: 1987-01-19)

Population (Year)

      3,737,280 (2000)    4,213,418 (2010)    4,290,347 (2011)

Internet Population (Year)

      830,000 (2000)    3,600,000 (2010)    3,625,553 (2011)        

Broadband Population (Year)

      1,089,000 (2010)

IP Address Allocation (Year):

      Number of IPv4 addresses: 6,954,496 (2012)

      Number of IPv6/48s: 7,733,285 (2012)

5 Popular Websites[from]:

    Google NewZealand :




    Trade Me :





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2012 Research and Education Network
The KAREN network in 2012. This is the academic and research part of the Internet in New Zealand, with links up to 10 Gbit/s. (Source:
Another view of KAREN, showing the variety of commercial operators involved. (Source:
2012 Commercial Internet

The topology of commercial ISPs in New Zealand in March 2012 (Source: )


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