ccTLD: TW (the date of ccTLD delegation: 1989-07-31)

Population (Year)

22,300,929 (2000) 23,024,956 (2010) 23,071,779 (2011)

Internet Population (Year)

6,260,000 (2000) 16,130,000 (2010) 16,147,000 (2011)

Broadband Population (Year)

5,265,026 (2010)

IP Address Allocation (Year):

Number of IPv4 addresses: 35,383,040 (2012)

Number of IPv6/48s: 152,567,811 (2012)

5 Popular Websites[from www.pig.tw , Vincent Chen, 2012. 4.15.]:

Yahoo!: yahoo.com

Facebook: facebook.com

Google 繁體中文搜尋 : google.com.tw

無名小站 : Wretch.cc

PIXNET 痞客邦: pixnet.net


[Chen 2005a] Vincent Chen, "Taiwan Internet chronological history - 1985.04~2005.03," 2005.[in Chinese/English]

[Chen 2005b] Vincent Chen, "Taiwan Internet Development History, Final Report," Taiwan, 2005. [in Chinese]


A Study on Internet Development Tracks in Taiwan



Even Internet applications have booming on every area in Taiwan, but it has still no any formal documents to record its development tracks.

This study will record the tracks from the analytic dimensions by Internet development policy, infrastructure construction, information

applications, social cultures and civil communities. It will also interview with the key departments and persons for the significant events

related to the Internet development. The results of the study are as following:

(1) Draw the chart relationship among the Internet Development organization.

(2) Create the Development tracks into four phases, including incubating, developing, growing and application expanding periods.

(3) Create Internet significant events on detail version, concise version, and concise English version by chronologically from 1985 to 2005.

(4) Interview with key organizations and persons for Internet development.

The output of this study will connect to Asia Internet History project to share the experience with other Internet communities.

Updated: 2012.7.12

Contact Sect at InternetHistory.Asia for further information.