Dae Young Kim


Navaneethan C. Arjuman (in English)
Jungbae An (in Korean)

  Interview Date/Time

2013.8.19 Monday    14:30-16:00

  Interview room

                    #409  at KAIST Creative Learning Building (Main Venue of APAN36: Building number is E11)

  Questions - initial draft

0. introduction by the interviewer
1. what is your first encounter to computers and the internet?
2. what are similality and difference you experienced between
    germany during your ph.d program and korea/kaist?
3. what are major undertaking in the world you faced, possibly including
   3.1 ISO/JTC1
   3.2 IEEE
   3.3 APAN
4. what are major undertaking in korea you faced, possibly including
    4.1 FIF/CFI
    4.2 Other Internet-related activities
5. what are major challenge(s) you are facing now?
6. will you comment on future internet including your recent article on future internet?
7. what do you perceive on the future of the internet in 10~20 years?
8. anything else you would like to add?


          Prof Kim's Bio from APAN