Shigeki Goto


          Navaneethan C. Arjuman

  Interview Date/Time

2013.8.21 Wednesday    17:30~18:30

  Interview Room

#301  at KAIST Creative Learning Building (Main Venue of APAN36: Building number is E11)

  Questions - initial draft

0. Introduction by Interviewer
1. what is your first encounters to a computer and the internet?
2. what were your major projects at NTT Lab?
3. what was your sabbatical leave to stanford university wrt the internet
    and computing?
4. what are your major projects at waseda university?
    will you tell us your invovlement on JPNIC?
    will you tell us your involvement on APAN?
7. what are the major challenge(s) you are undertaking now?
8. what do you percieve as the future of the internet in 10-20 years from now?
9. anything you would like to add?