Adiel Akplogen


Madelline Romero and Andreu Vea

  Interview Date/Time

2013.2.23 Saturday 17:30~18:30


0. Introduction by Interviewer
1. Will you introduce yourself?
2. When did you encounter the Internet for the first time?
3. Will you explain on your involvement on CAFEnet, the first
    ISP in Togo?
4. Will you explain how/why did you move to Paris to work at Symbol Tech?
5. Will you explain to be the founding CEO of AfriNIC?
6. How's your involvement on the global Internet activities; NNRO, IGF,..?
7. What do you expect on Africa Asia coordination as AAF Co-Chair?
8. What are the major challenges the Internet is facing now from your
9. What do you anticipate on the Internet 10 years from now?


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