Jun Murai


     Kim Escobin (and Andreu Vea)

  Interview Date/Time

    2013.2.26 Tuesday 16:00~17:30

  Questions - draft

a. introduction by interviewer
b. how did you encounter to the internet initially?
c. WIDE Project
   c.1  will you explain on JUNET?
   c.2  how/why did you form WIDE Proct?
   c.3  will you give brief history of WIDE Project?
   c.4  what are the challenge WIDE Project is facing now?
d. what are the major issues the internet is facing now?
e. what do you anticipate on future of the internet in 10 years or more?
f.  anything else?


Jun Murai's Biography (from Prof. Jun Murai's Assistant Team website)