Mark Tinka


Madelline Romero

  Interview Date/Time

2013.2.23  Saturday  4~5pm


0. Introduction by Interviewer
1. Will you introduce yourself
2. How did you start getting invovled in the Internet in Uganda?
3. How/why did you move to Malaysia from Africa, and what was
    your impression/experience in Malaysia and Asia?
4. Will you explain on your work in Malaysian companies;
    Globval Transit Communications and  TIME?
5. Why did you decide to move back to Africa; South Africa/SEACOM
    this year?
6. What is your involvement on regional Internet activities in Asia
    including APRICOT?
7. What about on African Internet activities; AfNOG,...?
8. What are the major challenge Asia and Africa are facing now
   (from your perspective)?
9. What do you anticipate on the Internet 10 years from now?


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