Wu, Jianping


Jungbae An

  Interview Date/Time

2013.11.19  Wednesday  15:00-16:00


VIP Waiting Room, 6th floor, EL Tower, Seoul (GFIS venue building)

  Questions - initial draft

0. introduction by interviewer, followed by your self introduction.
1. what is your first encounter to the internet?
2. will you explain on cernet development including
     2.1 cernet - one of the largest REN in the world including
                        advanced regions(beijing, shanghai,..) and
                        underdeveloped regions
     2.2 cernet2 with IPv6 - world largest production IPv6 network
     2.3 privatization of cernet
     2.4 dark fiber for cernet
4. what was your experience to chair an international
    organization such APAN?
5. what is the major challenge(s) you are undertaking now?
6. what do you perceive as the future of the internet in
    10~20 years from now?
7. do you anticipate any fundamental problem/challenge
    from the current 300~400 million internet users in china    to 1 billion or more users in the next decade?
8. anything you would like to add?