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Interview Project - Overview/revised

1. We plan to interview the Internet pioneers leaders in many countries
    in Asia
as well as Internet History Book article authors around the world.

2. We will start interviewing from December 2012, and continue the interview
    during some of the following major Internet events in Asia;

        2013.2   APRICOT, Singapore
        2013.4   ICANN, Beijing
        2013.8   APAN, Daejeon

3. Project Members
       a. Interview Project managers
       b. Interview scenario writers
       c. Interviewers
           - Interviewers with technical background
           - Interviewers with social science background
       d. Media experts(video, audio, web,..)

4. We may facilitate national interview projects along
    national Internet history book publication projects.

5. We may coordinate the interview project with regional
    and national Internet organizations.

6. The Interview Project members are

       An, Jungbae   
       Chon, Kilnam
       Escobin, Kim
       Romero, Madelline

    We also invite guest interviewers including Andreu Vea of
    WiWiW and Younjung Park of SUNY Korea as well as Ph.D
    student who participate APAN meeting.

7. Initial interview candidates in 2013

      a. Asia Internet organization leaders
      b. Asia Internet Book article authors
      c. Distinguished pioneers and leaders with global recognition
      d. Major Internet company managers
      e. One or more Internet leaders from Asian Countries

8. Interview video outsourced
    We include various existing interview videos to compliment
    our interviews.