APCCIRN Meeting Minutes -- 1993.1.12-13

This document contains minutes of the first official APCCIRN meeting was held 
in 1993.1.12-13 at the Hyatt Regency, Waikiki, Honolulu.

The meeting agenda is in Appendix A.  The attendees were:

(attendee list)

0. Background

The establishment of APCCIRN was discussed during INET'91 in Copenhagen in
June 1991.  Several preliminary meetings were held.  The first preliminary
meeting was held during the PACCOM meeting in Honolulu in August 1991, which
elected two acting co-chairs; S. Asano and R. Erskine to hold the first 
official APCCIRN meeting.  The second preliminary meeting was held during the
CCIRN meeting in Santa Fe, USA in November 1991, which mainly focused on the
IBM proposal for survey of the Asian Pacific region.  The third preliminary
meeting was held during the CCIRN meeting in Tokyo in June 1992, which elected
the acting chair, K. Chon to hold the first official meeting.  Terms of
Reference for APCCIRN was drafted last summer through networked discussion.
The initial set of documents such as country survey, member lists and the
international link list were developed.  (See the APCCIRN Document List in
cosmos.kaist.ac.kr for detail information.)

1. Review of the APCCIRN documents

Terms of Reference(001) and Member List(002) were reviewed, and no corrections
were made.  Other documents(005, 007, and 008) were decided to be reviewed in
5. Country/Network/Project Report.

2. Work Items

2.1 Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis was not discussed due to lack of contribution papers.  This
item was postponed to future APCCIRN meetings.

2.2 Internationalization and Localization(I18N/L10N)

The internationalization and localization was discussed in detail.  
Unfortunately, J. Hwang who coordinated the item could not attend the meeting.
He submitted the contribution paper.  It was decided that J. Murai as well as
J. Hwang to coordinate with cooperation of members from other countries.  Some
Japanese effort is archived in JAPAN/mule/* in sh.wide.ad.jp.  Other countries
such as Korea and Taiwan support local languages substantially.

2.3 Link/Connection Model

This item was combined with 3.1 GIX.  G. Huston made the presentation, and
recommended appropriate link and route coordination between AP Region and USA
including GIX.  He suggested the need of operator's forum.  It was decided to
recommend his suggestion to CCIRN.  See Appendix B for the complete text.

2.4 Funding/Charging Model

The issue was discussed in detail at the last PACCOM meeting in August 1992,
and G. Huston will submit the output document to APCCIRN.  There was the
comment in floor that the half circuit policy was unstable, and the "weakest"
pays full circuit cost.

2.5 NIC

The NIC for APCCIRN Region(APNIC) was discussed.  The APNIC's scope was defined
Resource Registration
Information Provision
NOC Support
NIC Cooperation

It was decided for JNIC(M. Hirabaru and J. Murai) to carry on APNIC experiment
with cooperation of other countries including Australia, Korea and New Zealand.
The scope of the APNIC experiment was defined, and the description was attached
in Appendix C.

3. Discussions for February CCIRN Meeting

3.1 CCIRN v.s. Internet Society (for AP Region)

This item was discussed in detail.  There was some concern on relationship
between CCIRN and IEPG as CCIRN does not give tasks to IEPG contrary to the
CCIRN's charter.  APCCIRN strongly recommended that CCIRN and IEPG to cooperate
with commercial operators such as inclusion of the commercial operators as
IEPG members.  It was recommended that CCIRN and Internet Society to cooperate
more closely.  APCCIRN will explore on active cooperation with Internet Society.

3.2 X.500

Paradise Project was explained briefly. Japan and Australia among other 
countries cooperate with the project now.  Other countries are encouraged to 
cooperate.  The localization, i.e., local language support was commented in
2.2 I18N/L10N.

4. Election of APCCIRN Officers

The following persons were elected to Chairs:

Kilnam Chon APCCIRN Chair, and
Jun Murai APEPG Chair.

The following persons participate the February CCIRN Meeting;

S. Asano
H. Cho
K. Chon
H. Ishida
J. Murai

5. Country/Network/Project Reports

5.1 Thailand

Thailand established the 9.6 Kbps leased line to UUNET last year.  It has the
9.6 Kbps leased line to AIT in Thailand, and expects another leased line to
Changmai University.

5.2 Vietnam

Institute of Informatics in Hanoi had experimental dialup connection to 
Karlsruhe University in Germany last fall.  K. Chon is following up on the
connection, and visits Hanoi in February 1993.

5.3 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium(PNC)

Pacific Neighborhood Consortium was presented by J. Hardyck with the information
package of its meeting, which took place following APCCIRN at the same location.
PNC is a meta-network focusing on networked information among the Pacific rim,
similar to the successful Coalition of Networked Information in USA.

5.4 Pacific Islands

J. Clayton of University of South Pacific in Fiji presented the University of 
South Pacific Network spanning the following campus of the South Pacific 
Fiji, Niue, Cook Islands, Tonga, Western Samoa, Tuvalu, Kiribati,
Marshall Islands, Nauru, Solomon Islands, Tokelau, Kiribati, and
They are connected by dialup, and Fiji is discussing with Australia regarding
the leased line setup between them.


Regional Information Network Projects in several parts of the Asia-Pacific
regions such as South East Asia and Pacific(RINSEAP) and South Asia
(RINSA) are ongoing.  In addition, UNESCO(J. Sequeira) in Bangkok is working
on the project development on the academic and research networks in the Asia 
and Pacific region, and its paper on overview of a framework of development
was briefed.  Its first meeting will be held in Seoul in June 1993 with
expected participation from 21 countries in the Asia and Pacific region.

5.6 Peking University/China

The case on campus networking in Peking University in China was presented.
The campus network as well as the metropolitan network connecting Peking
University, Academia Sinica, and Tsinghua University was described.  The
local language support and the need of the international leased line for the
IP connection were described.

6.  Meeting Report

Several meeting reports were made.

CCIRN June 1992 S. Asano/K. Chon
PACCOM August 1992 G. Huston
IEPG/IETF November 1992 J. Murai

7. Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in Seoul in 31 May - 1 June 1993 proceeding
the UNESCO Meeting.

8. AOB

At the end of the first day, we went for the APCCIRN dinner with recommendation
of J. Chu(Hawaiian dinner).  

We thanked J. Chu and D. Lassner or U. of Hawaii for excellent local 

APPENDIX A: Agenda for APCCIRN Meeting in 1993.1.12-13
Kilnam Chon

Date:  12 January(8:30) - 13 January(17:00)
Location: Hyatt Regency, Waikiki, Honolulu

1. Review of the APCCIRN Documents
1.1 Terms of Reference(APCCIRN-002) apccirn-sec
1.2 Member List(APCCIRN-004) apccirn-sec
1.3 Country File(APCCIRN-005) apccirn-sec
1.4 Network Description(APCCIRN-008) apccirn-sec
1.5 International Link(APCCIRN-007) apccirn-sec

2. Work items for APCCIRN
2.1 Traffic Analysis all
2.2 Internationalization/Localization Hwang/HK(?)
(X/Open), (Japanese case), (Korean case), (RFCs)
2.3 Link/Connection Model ?
    (GIX), (Ebone), (Bates' paper/IEPG output)
2.4 Funding/Charging Model ?
(output from last PACCOM meeting?)
2.5 NIC Hirabaru
2.6 Naming/Addressing ?
(IANA), (X.400, X.500), (IP addressing space)

3. Discussion for February CCIRN Meeting
3.1 GIX ?
(overlap with 2.3 Link/Connection Model)
3.2 Future Technology ?
3.3 CCIRN v.s. Internet Society ?
(Leiner's paper)
3.4 X.500 ?
(Paradise Project)

4. Election of APCCIRN Officers
4.1 APCCIRN Chair
4.2 APCCIRN Delegates to CCIRN Meeting
4.3 APEPG Chair

5. Country/Network/Project Report
5.1 Thailand Teng-amnuay
5.2 Vietnam Zorn/Chon
5.3 Pacific Neighborhood Consortium(PNC) Hardyck
5.4 Pacific islands Clayton
5.5 UNESCO Sequeira/Chon

6. Meeting Report
6.1 CCIRN(June 1992) Chon
6.2 PACCOM(Aug. 1992) ?
6.3 IEPG/IETF(Nov. 1992) Murai

7. Next Meetings
APCCIRN 31 May(before UNESCO) and/or 20-21 August(after INET)
PNC 14-15 Jan. 1993(Honolulu)
CCIRN 18-19 Feb. 1993(Brussels), 23-24 Aug. 1993(SF)
RINSEAP March 1993(Australia)
IETF March 24-April 2(Columbus), 12-16 July(Amsterdam), Nov.
UNESCO   1-3 June 1993(Seoul)
INET 17-20 Aug. 1993(SF)

APPENDIX B: APCCIRN's Position Statement on IEPG

The APCCIRN is of the view that the engineering and planning activities
should encompass broad Internet infrastructure issues.  It is suggested
to the CCIRN that it should endorse the proposal that the IEPG should include
membership from the commercial provider sector as well as research network

The APCCIRN has also considered the merits of forming an Internet Operations
Task Force under the auspices of the Internet Society to further develop
proper focus on Internet-wide operational matters, and is of the view that
this activity should be strongly supported by the CCIRN.

APPENDIX C: APNIC Experiment Proposal

                            A Proposal for APNIC experiments

                                    January 13, 1993

                              Jun Murai (WIDE Project/JNIC),
                           Masaki Hirabaru (WIDE Project/JNIC)

This experiments is to investigate how APNIC (Asia and Pacific regional 
Network Information Center) should be formed and how it can be operated.

January 15, 1993 - January 1994

B: Guideline for establishment of Country NICs

A: APNIC database format
A: APNIC transactions
A: APNIC-CountryNICs transactions
A: APNIC-InternetNIC transactions
B: APNIC-NCC transactions

B: Services to access the database
B: Information archiving

B: Routing preference issues

B: Organizational issues

Anybody including jp, au, kr, nz.

nic.ad.jp (so far)


Priority A: by Summer 1993
Priority B: by Jan 1994

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