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APAN-related Meetings in initial years (1996~1998)

1996.3.28       Tsukuba(during APEC Symposium) 
                       Firt BoF
                       chon, mcrobbie, goldstein, murai,..
                       Report on ad hoc meeting on advanced internetworking f
                       or asia-pacific, 1996.4.3 by chon

1996.5.23~24  APAN Meeting, Tokyo
                       For initial plan

1996.6.21~22 APAN General Meeting, Seoul 
                     (during APEC/APII Testbed Forum in 6.18~20)

1996.6.25~28  Montreal (during INET'96)

1996.7.26~27 APAN General Meeting, Tokyo

1996.8.23~24 APAN WG Meetings, Sheraton Walker Hill, Seoul
                     (8.22 APAN Application WG Meeting)

1996.11.8~9    APAN Fall 1996 Workshop and General Meeting, 
                      Waseda University, Tokyo
                      11.8 APAN (Application) Workshop

1997.1.23       APAN Workshop on Healthcare, Seoul

1997.3.12       Technology WG Meeting, Tokyo

1997.3.13~21  North America Network Visit

1997.6.2~3     APAN Committee & WG Meetings

1997.8.6~8     APII Workshop, Bangkok
                      APAN Presentation

1997.7.19~20 NSF Proposal Drafting Meeting(TransPac)

1997.8.14~19 Europe Network Visits
                     Technical WG Meeting

199710.20~21 APAN Committee, WG, and Symposium, Singapore

1998.2.23~25  APAN Committee, WG, and Symposium, Tokyo

1998.6/8         APAN Committee & WG, USA(Indiana?)

1998.12          APAN Committee & WG, Australia(?)