APCCIRN/APNG Chair List and Secretariat List


Kilnam Chon 1993-1995

Sec by KAIST(Lee, Yeon Sang)

Haruhisa Ishida 1995-1997

Sec by Tokyo University (Nakayama, Masaya)

Tan Tin Wee 1997-1999

Sec by NUS

Shigeki Goto 1999-2001

Sec by NTT

Li Xing 2001-2003

Sec by Tsinghua Univ.

Tommy Matsumoto 2003-2010

Sec by NTT Communications (2003-2004)

Sec by AIT (2004- 2009)

Sec by DotAsia (2009-2010)

Okhwa Lee 2005-2006 (Co-Chair with Tommy Matsumoto)

Kanchana Kanchanasu 2006-2009 (Co- Chair with Tommy Matsumoto)

Ching Chiao 2010-Present

Sec by DotAsia

Remark: There were several acting chairs in 1991~1992.

Updated: 2012.8.8

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