IANW '86



8~11 September 1986

47 Participants(Total), 10 Participants(Asia)

Table of Contents - Draft

A. Agenda

Monday Sept 8

15:30 - 19:30 Registration at hotel.

Tuesday Sept 9

08:00 - 09:30 Registration.

09:00 Welcome, Meeting Schedule & Administrative Business.

09:30 Networking Project Updates (various countries)

09:30 US update (Steve Wolffe)

09:50 Australia (Robert Elz)

10:10 Asia (Kilnam Chon)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Networking Project Updates (continued).

11:00 EARN/BITNET (Dan Oberst).

11:20 Ean (Alf Hansen / John Demco).

11:40 RARE (Kees Neggers).

12:00 COSINE (Nick Newman).

12:20 Discussion.

12:45 Lunch.

14:30 Status Report: Naming & Domains (Piet Beerteman).

14:45 Status Report: Gateways & Network Management.

Charging and Cost-sharing (Jacob Palme).

15:00 Status Report: Directory Services in MHS (Tommy Ericson).

15:15 Status Report: Information Gathering for Networking (Michael Purser) .

15:30 Tea. Break.

16:00 Status Report: CSnet (Dave Farber) .

16:15 Status Report: Worldwide high-speed links (Larry Landweber) .

16:30 Discussion.

17:15 Formation of working groups.

17:30 Adjourn for the day.

19:00 Dinner.

20:30 Irish Cultural Evening.

Wednesday Sept 10

09:00 Working Group meetings.

10:30 Coffee Break.

11:00 Working Group meetings.

12:30 Lunch.

14:30 Working Group meetings.

15:30 Tea Break.

16:00 Reports from the working groups.

17:00 Discussion.

17:30 Adjourn.

19:30 Dinner at hotel.

Keynote Speech (Dennis Jennings).

Thursday Sept 11

09:00 Panel discussion - current problems, future opportunities.

10:30 Coffee Break.

11:00 Plans for ongoing activities.

12:00 End of Workshop.

12:30 Lunch.

Proposed Working Groups

The revised working groups based on the suggestions of the participants are:

A. Future service (value-added) international network.

B. Making e-mail services work for end-users.

C. Network protocols and application protocols.

D. X400/MHS and directory services.

B. Articles

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