IANW '88



26~28 October 1988

Table of Contents


Wednesday October 26

9:00 - Welcome and Local Arrangements - K. Preiss and S. Peleg

9:30 - Meeting Overview - L. Landweber

9:45 - 3:30 Project Updates (15 minutes each)


Scandinavia -J. Heinanen, H. Salminen, M. Brunel

EARN - D.Jennings (overview) and P. Bryant (ISO transition)

RARE MHS Pilot Project - H. Kvemlev

Germany ·P. Kaufmann (DFN), W. Zorn (BELWUE)

Spain· I. Martinez or J. Barbera (IRIS)


Central America - C. Gutierrez

Olile - F. Utreras (REUNA)


Japan - H. Ishida (JUNET)

Australia - B. Kummerfeld (ACSNET)



Canada – J. Demco (CDNNET)

U.S. - B. Galler (CSNET-BITNET merger) and D. Farber (NSFNET)

CCIRN - L. Landweber

Working Group

3:00 Wednesday: Discussion Topics for the Full Group and Working Group;

8:30 Thursday: Telecommunications Tariffs Throughout the World - H. Nussbacher

9:00 Thursday: Full Group and Working Group Discussions

9:00 Friday: Full Group and Working Group Discussions

B. Suggested Topics

The Global R&D Network

- world model for interconnection

what are the obstacles?

political. technical, management. economic

- protocols

what protocols should be used? - TCP/IP vs. ISO

will there be a migration? - is so how and when?

is a migration desirable?

is coexistence possible?

is ISO a panacea or a curse?

- gateways - how will the various component networks and

services be connected? ISO/TCP, mail (RFC822/X.400).

file transfer (FIP/FTAM), connection oriented/connectionless.

naming/addressing and global directory services

what should the services be beyond mail?

what is achievable?

How can developing countries be brought into the international networks environment?

- do international agencies (e.g., UN, World Bank) have a role to play?

- is an international consulting service possible?

What role, if any, will PTT's play in the development of the global internet?

How can international cooperation be expanded and made less ad-hoc?

C. Articles - Draft

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