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Asia & Pacific Internet Association

promoting the common business interests of th. region's internet related service industry



are APIA's members?

- Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

- Electronic commerce-related services providers such as Certification Authority (CA)

- Content service providers

- Internet access services

- Internet fax & other value-added service providers

- Equipment manufacturers and software developers

- All other businesses utilising the Internet as their main means of business

For more information, please refer to APIA's home page at

http:// www.apia.org or send e-mail inquiries to



On-line applications are available on APIA's home page. For contractual

reasons, a signed application form is also required.

Asia & Pacific Internet Association

7th Storey RELC Building

30 Orange Grove Road

Singapore 258352

Tel: 834 2960 Fax: 836 2516




was APIA formed?

To meet a set of needs. These are the premises:

- The Internet's rapidly growing commercialisation in the region has created the need for a regional trade association to address industry issues;

- The countries in the Asia Pacific are at different points of economic and Internet development;

- Storing government influence on the industry has made Internet0related businesses more vulnerable to government policies;

- Region-specific requirements for Internet-vusiness development are increasingly apparent.

Incorporated in May 1997, the association is the result of efforts by the Steering Committee formed in 1995, when the necessity for such a body was first discussed. The task of this committee has been to prepare for the incorporation and launch of the APIA, as well as to formualte the association's initial strategic plan. The Steering Committee served APIA as the Board of Directors nutil the Annual General Meeting was held on 21st February 1998 in Manilla, Phillippines during APRICOT.

APIA Background


The Board of Directors are:

Dr. Jin Ho Hur Inet, Inc., Korea

Toru Takahashi Tokyo Internet, Japan

Pindar Wong Verifi, Hong Kong

Barry Greene Cisco Systems, Singapore

Hirofumi Hotta NTT, Japan

Roger Hicks Clear Communications, New Zealand

Secretary General

Izumi Aizu Asia Network Research, Malaysia

The Steering Committee was assisted by an Advisory Committee comprising the following members:

Prof. Jun Muria WIDE Project, Japan

Bill Manning USC/ISI, USA

Ofe Jacobsen Cisco Systems, USA

David R. Conrad APNIC

Laina Raveendran-Greene GetIT, Singapore

Barbara Dooley CIX

Prof. Kilnam Chon KAIST, Korea

"The forming of the APIA will be an important milestone in the commercial Internet development in the Asia Pacific region. In the past, there have been many global and regional groups for Internet-related businesses. but APIA is the first of its kind to address the business interests of the region."

Dr. Jin Hor Hur

Steering Committee Member

Updated: 2012.10.21

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