INET '92

Kobe, Japan

June 15-18, 1992

World Regional Networks

R1: Africa/Middle East

RIO: An Operational Network in 6 Sub-Saharian Countries of Africa and Three South Pacific Islands Pascal Renaud and Monique Michaux, ORSTOM, France

R2: Latin America and Carribbean

High Speed Networking - A Korean ApproachYanghee Choi, Seoul National Univ., Korea

Academic Networking in ChinaHu Daoyuan, Tsinghua Univ., China

R4: Eastern Europe

Networking in the Baltic Countries: the BALTBONE Project Sergei Rotanov, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Latvia; Ants Work, IC, Estonia & Laimutis Telksnys, LAS,Lithania

HUNGARNET: The Hungarian Academic and Research NetworkPeter JJakonyi & Laszlo Csaba, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Romanian Academic Network: Present Status & Future DevelopmentsPaul-Dan Cristea, Gheorghe Pascovici & Nicolae Popovici, Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania

R5: Europe

The COSINE ProjectDai R. H. Davies, RARE/CPMU, Netherlands

Europe: Organizational OverviewThomas Kalin, RARE, Netherlands

R6: North America

Update on Canadian NetworksJohn Curley, NRC, Canada & Pat Sampson, ISTC, Canada

United States Networking--A Regional PerspectiveGlenn Ricart, SURAnet/Uinv. Of Maryland, USA

S1: Japan [the Host Country]

Academic Internetworking in JapanHaruhisa Ishida, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan

Network Module Structure for Heterogenous DatalinksAkira Kato & Kaoru Hieda, Keio University, Japan

ISDN Internet for FIPTH: Fast IP to The Home - Development of MLP-over-ISDN ProtocolKen-ichiro Murakami & Toshiharu Sugawara, NTT, Japan

Network Policy

P2: Network Connection Policy

Connectivity within the Internet - A Commentary Geoff Huston, AARNEl; Australia; Elise Gerich, MNI, USA & Bernhard Stockman, SUNET/NORDUnet, Sweden

Coordination Issues in Global Research NetworksPeter T. Kirstein, UC London, UK

P3: Privacy

The Underpinnings of Privacy ProtectionFrank M. Tuerkheimer, Univ. ofWisconsin, USA

Privacy Protection in the Area of Telecommunication in Japan Tsuyoshi Hiramatsu, Kansei Gakuin Univ., Japan

Communication Privacy Challenges David H. Flaherty, Univ. of Western Ontario, Canada

P4: Appropriate Use - Changing Perception with Network Growth

Civil Liberties in CyberspaceMitchell D. Kapor, EFF, USA

Internet Appropriate Use Policies: A Practical ApproachSergio F. Heker, Princeton Univ., USA

The CERT/CC Experience: Past, Present and FutureBarbara Y. Fraser & Richard D. Pethia, SEI/CMU, USA

P5: Network Security

Overview of Internet Security DevelopmentsStephen D. Crocker, Trusted Information Systems, USA

Cryptographic Support in a Gigabit NetworkJonathan Smith, Univ. ofPennsylvania, USA

P6: Globalization of Networks

Intercontinental Engineering and Planning Group: INET'92 ReportGeoff Huston, AARNET, Australia

Network Applications

A1: The Role of National Libraries in the Evolving Global Information Infrastructure and Environment

(Paul Evan Peters, Coalition for Networked Information, USA; David Russon, British Library, UK; Pamela Q. J. Andre, National Agricultural Library, USA & Eric Wainwright, National Library ofAustralia, Australia)

A2: Networks and Social Change

Computer-Mediated Communication: A Potential Tool for Organizational ChangeSylvia Wilbur, QMW College, UK & Hannes Lubich, ETHZ,Switzerland

RELCOM, An Appropriate Technology NetworkLarry Press, California State Univ., USA

K12 Network: Global Education through Telecommunications Janet Murray, K12net, USA

A3: Entry Level/Low-cost Solutions

From FidoNet to Internet: the Evolution of a National Network F.F. Jacot Guillarmod, Rhodes Univ. South Africa

A4: Network Management

Configuration Detection in Computer Networks within an OrganizationYuko Murayama,WIDE/Keio Univ., Japan

A Multiagent Diagnostic System for Internetwork ProblemsToshiharu Sugawara and Ken-ichiro MurakamNIT, Japan

Intelligent Network ManagementK Jayanthi, G. MansfielM. Murata, K HiguchAICSL, B.Chakraborty, Y. Nemoto & S. Noguchi, Tohoku Univ., Japan

A5: Computer Supported Collaborative Works

Cooperative Work Using Advanced B- ISDN Video WorkstationsTohru HoshKenjiro Mori, Yasuhiro Takahashi & Takeshi lshizald, Hitachi, Japan

Supporting Encounters and Interactions in a Virtual EnvironmentNorihi/co Matsuura, Go Fujino, Ken-ichi Okada & Yutaka Matsushita, Keio Univ.,Japan

Dynamics of Electronic CollaborationMartyne Hallgren, Cornell Univ., USA

A6:Computer-mediated Communication- based Distance Education

Third Generation Distance EducationBengt Olsen, KOMunity Software, Sweden

Creating Collaborative Environments in Education and Training-waiting for ElectropolisMorten Soeby, Univ. of Oslo, Norway

Virtual Classrooms for the 1990'sAndrew Feenberg, SDSU, USA

Network Technology

Tl: ATM from Desktop to the Wide-Area Network

ATM Tedmiqaee for JUab Speed Data CommunicationIchiro Inoue, Shin-ichiro Chaki & Naotaka Morita, NIT, Japan

T2: Advanced Networking Technology & Applications

Host Migration in Virtual Internet ProtocolFumio Teraoka, Sony CSL, Japan

T3: Network Technologies--- the Next Generation

Next Generation Lightwave Transmission Technology-- Towards Simple and Flexible Networks-- Hideki lshio, NTT, Japan

T4: Network Operation and Measurement

Traffic Analysis of Trans-Atlantic TrafficIan Wakeman, Dave Lewis & Jon Crowcroft, UC London, UK

An Analysis of International Academic Research Network Traffic between Japan and Other Nations Toshiya Asaba, Recruit, Japan; K. Claffy, Univ. of California, USA, Osamu Nakamura, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan & Jun Murai, Keio Univ., Japan

T5: Addressing and Flow Control

Flow Control in High -Speed Networks with Long DelaysSrinivasan Keshav, AT&T Bell Labs, USA

T6: MultiMedia

QOS Control of Continuous Media CommunicationsYoshito Tobe, Toshiba, Japan; Stephen T. C. Chou & Hideyuki Tokuda, CMU, USA

Multimedia Conferencing: from Prototype to National PilotMark J. Handley & Steve R. Wilbur, UC London, UK

Software Codecs and Work -station Video ConferencesChristian Huitema & Thierry Turletti, INRIA, FRANCE

Workshop for Developing Countries

The Importance to Governments of Access to Distributed KnowledgeGeorge Sadowsky, New York Univ., USA

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