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INET 1993

Proceedings 1993 International Networking Conference

Table of Contents



Welcoming Statements

             From the Conference Chair       Eric Benhamou

             From the ISOC Vice President for Conferences     Larry Landweber

             From the President of the Internet Society     Vinton Cerf

             From the Program Committee Co-Chairs     Barry Leiner and William Yundt

             A Note on these INET '93 Proceedings


Track B: Network Technology

BA: Security

  Understanding the Internet CertificationSystem                                                                                  BAB

             Stephen Kent (Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc., USA,

  Piloting Authentication and Security Servicesin the PASSWORD Project                                          BAC

Peter Kirstein (University College London, United Kingdom,

Peter Williams (University College London, United Kingdom,


BB: The Next IP

CIDRand the Evolution of the Internet Protocol                                                                       BBA

             Peter Ford (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA,

             Hans-Werner Braun (San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA,

             Yakov Rekhter (T.J. Watson Research Center, USA,


BC: Advances in Routing Protocols

  Routing in Large Internets                                                                                                                  BCA

             Deborah Estrin (USC, USA,

  Multicast Reservation Protocols                                                                                                         BCB

             Lixia Zhang (Xerox PARC, USA,

  Multicast Routing Extensions for OSPF                                                                                             BCC

             John Moy (Protean, Inc., USA,


BD: Panel: ATM

  Chair: David Clark

BE: Mobility

  Enhancement of VIP and Its Evaluation                                                                                               BEA

             Keisuke Uehara (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan,

             Jun Murai (KEIO University, Japan,

             Hideki Sunahara (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan,

             Fumio Teraoka (Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Japan,


BF: Network Support of Multimedia

  Partial Order Transport Service forMultimedia Applications: Unreliable Service                   BFA

             Paul Amer (University of Delaware, USA,

             Christophe Chassot (Laboratoire d'Automatique et d'Analyse des Systemes, France,)

             Thomas Connolly (University of Delaware, USA, )

             Michel Diaz (Laboratoire d'Automatique et d'Analyse des Systemes, France,


    Multimedia Application Requirements for MulticastCommunications Services                       BFB

             Jon Crowcroft (University College London, United Kingdom,

             S Chuang (University College London, United Kingdom, )

             S Hailes (University College London, United Kingdom, )

             M Handley (University College London, United Kingdom,

             N Ismail (University College London, United Kingdom, )

             D Lewis (University College London, United Kingdom, )

             I Wakeman (University College London, United Kingdom, )

     ARun-time Environment for Da CaPo                                                                                      BFC

             M. Vogt (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zuerich, Switzerland,

             Thomas Plagemann (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zuerich, Switzerland, plagemann@

             Bernhard Plattner (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland,

             Thomas Walter (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zuerich, Switzerland,


Track C: Network Engineering

CA: Practical Considerations for Routing and Addressing

  Technical Implementation of the RIPE RouteServer                                                                            CAA

             Tony Bates (RIPE Network Coordination Centre (NCC), Netherlands,

  Practical Considerations for NetworkAddressing using a CIDR Block Allocation                              CAB

             Haavard Eidnes (University of Trondheim, Norway,

  Autonomous System Partitioning and Policy Routingin the Japanese Internet                         CAC

             Kazuhiko Yamamoto (Kyushu University, Japan,

             Noritoshi Demizu (OMRON /Corporation, Japan,

             Masaki Hirabaru (University of Tokyo, Japan,

             Akira Kato (Keio University, Japan,

             Yuko Murayama (WIDE Project, Japan,

             Motonori Nakamura (Kyoto University, Japan,


 CB: Capacity Forecasting and Planning

  Long Term Traffic Aspects of the NSFNET                                                                         CBA

             Kim Claffy (San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA,

             Hans-Werner Braun (San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA,

             George Polyzos (University of California, San Diego, USA,

A Measurement Study of Changes inService-Level Reachability in the Global Internet         CBB

             Michael Schwartz (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA,

             John Quarterman (Matrix Information & Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS), USA,

  IP Traffic Measurements and Analyze atCERN                                                                                 CBC

             Jessica Yu (MERIT Network Inc., USA,

             Jean-Michel Jouanigot (CERN, Switzerland,

             Olivier Martin (CERN, Switzerland,


 CC: Mastering the Topology Stack

  Domain Name System Forwarding Strategies                                                                       CCA

             Alan Barrett (University of Natal, South Africa,

  How to Maximize Mail Address Flexibility andReliability Using Standard Sendmail and BIND   CCB

             Imazu Hideyo (Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan,

  MBONE - the Multicast Backbone                                                                                                   CCC

             Hans Eriksson (SICS, Sweden,


CD: Dealing with Heterogeneous Networks

  Mapping Networks and Services                                                                                                       CDA

             John Quarterman (Matrix Information & Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS), USA,

             Smoot Carl-Mitchell (Texas Internet Consulting, USA,

             Gretchen Phillips (University of Buffalo, USA,

  The TipTop Gateway: Transporting K12NetBetween the U.S. and Europe by Tunneling the Internet CDB

             Louis Van Geel (B - Net & KI2Net, Belgium,

  Extending the LAN via ISDN                                                                                                            CDC

             Graham Knight (University College London, United Kingdom,

  Key Issues in Transporting TCP/IP over PublicData Networks                                             CDD

             Michael Conn (MCI, USA,

             Dave Mcdysan (MCI, USA,


CE: Network Operation and Management

  Accomplishing Performance Management withSNMP                                                           CEA

             Allan Leinwand (Cisco Systems, USA,

  Improved Network Management Using WIDE/PhoneShell                                                                  CEB

             Hiroyuki Ohno (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan,

  Minerva: An Event-Based Model for ExtensibleNetwork Management                                                CEC

             David Hughes (Bond University, Australia,

             Zheng Da Wu (Bond University, Australia,


Track D: Application Technology

DA: Tools for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval

  UWIN - The University of WashingtonInformation Navigator                                              DAA

             Edward Lightfoot (University of Washington, USA,

  Whois++ and Centroids: A Next GenerationWhite Pages                                                                  DAB

             Joan Gargano (UC Davis, USA,


DB: Building Applications

  Proposal for a Subject Oriented UserInterface to the Internet                                               DBA

             Judith Ahrens (Drexel University, USA,

             Gerardo Esquer (Drexel University, USA,

  WorldWide Web Initiative                                                                                                                 DBB

             Tim Berners-Lee (WorldWide Web Project, Switzerland,

             Robert Cailliau (CERN, Switzerland,

             Nicola Pellow (CERN, Switzerland, )

             Arthur Secret (CERN, Switzerland,


DC: Multimedia Technologies

  Piloting of Multimedia IntegratedCommunications for European Researchers (MICE)          DCA

             Peter Kirstein (University College London, United Kingdom,

             M Handley (University College London, United Kingdom,

             A Sasse (University College London, United Kingdom, )


  The Packet Video Project at MCNC                                                                                                  DCB

             Jack Drescher (Center for Communications at MCNC, USA,

  Hyper-G: A Distributed Hypermedia System                                                                                       DCC

             Frank Kappe (Graz University of Technology, Austria,


DD: Multimedia Tools

  A Protype for a Multimedia Message HandlingSystem Based on a Model of Semantic Base Info Representation With MultipleMedia   DDA

             Shingo Fujimoto (University of Electro Communications, Japan,

             Satoshi Irioka (University of Electo-Communications, Japan,

             Hideki Sunahara (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan,


  Architectural Foundations of PINE: aMultimedia Email and News Client for DOS and Unix              DDB

             Terence Gray (University of Washington, USA,


 DE: Technologies for Cooperative Work

  Toward Seamless Collaboration Media: FromTeam Workstation to Clearboard                                DEA

             Hiroshi Ishii (The University of Toronto, Canada,


 DF: NIDR Research and Development Initiatives

  Collaborative Information Retrieval: Gopherfrom MOO                                                         DFA

             Larry Masinter (Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, USA,

             Eric Ostrom (Gustavus Adolphus College, USA,

  Research Problems for Scalable InternetResource Discovery                                                              DFB

             Michael Schwartz (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, )

             C. Mic Bowman (Pennsylvania State University, USA,

             Peter Danzig (University of Southern California, USA,


 DG: Distributed Applications Management

  WWFS: An Evolutionary Framework for FileSharing in the Internet                                                    DGB

             Youki Kadobayashi (Osaka University, Japan,

             Hideo Miyahara (Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, miyahara@

             Suguru Yamaguchi (Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, suguru@

  Prospero: A Base for Building InformationInfrastructure                                                         DGC

             Clifford Neuman (USC Information Sciences Institute, USA,

             Steven Augart (University of Southern California, USA,


Track E: User Applications

EA: Training and Support for Virtual Communities

  Educating Network Users in Distance EducationThrough Computer Networks - Experiences from Running Distance Education CoursesThrough UNINETT         EAA

             Astrid Jenssen (University of Oslo, Norway,

  Supporting End-Users of NetworkedBibliographic Databases                                                             EAB

             Terry Morrow (University of Bath, United Kingdom,

  Community Computer Networks                                                                                                         EAC

             Steve Cisier (Apple Computer, Inc., USA,

             Dewayne Hendricks (Tetherless Access Ltd., USA,

  Building Electronic Communities                                                                                                          EAD

             Jill Foster (Univ of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom,


 EB: Panel: Virtual Culture and Community

  Virtual Culture and Institutes for Research                                                                                            EBA

             Ermel Stepp (Marshall University, USA,


 EC: Global Networks and K12 Education

  The Boulder Valley Internet Project                                                                                                     ECA

             Ken Klingenstein (University of Colorado, USA,

  Educational Networking: Meeting Educators'Needs                                                                            ECB

             Robert Tinker (TERC, USA,

  The Globe Project: A Place for Youth toMake a Difference by Working Together Globally Using Telecommunications                ECC

             Peter Copen (Copen Family Fund, USA,


EE: Supporting Global Emergency Management

 Toward a Global Disaster ManagementInformation Network: The Role of the Internet           EEA

             Peter Anderson (Simon Fraser University, Canada,

             David Butler (University of Colorado, USA,

  Internetworking and Global EnvironmentalResearch                                                                           EEB

             Herre Heersma (RIVM, Netherlands,

             Otto Tissing (RIVM, Netherlands, tissing@

  CERT Incidence Response and the Internet                                                                                         EEC

             Katherine Fithen (CERT Coordination Center, USA,

             Barbara Fraser (CERT Coordination Center, USA,


EF: Cyber-Knowledge and Information-Space

  Presence and Form in the Architecture of Cyberspace                                                                         EFA

             Barre Ludvigsen (Ostfold Regional College, Norway,

  Text, Internet: InterText                                                                                                                       EFB

             Barton Thurber (University of San Diego, USA,

             Jack Pope (University of San Diego, USA,

  Gender Swapping on the Internet                                                                                                        EFC

             Amy Bruckman (MIT Media Lab, USA,


Track F: Policy Issues

FA: Economic Policy

  The Internet and the Market System:Externalities, marginal cost, and the Public Interest         FAA

             Sandra Schickele (Sonoma State University, USA,

  Research Networks in Developing Countries:Not Exactly the Same Story!                            FAB

             Daniel Pimienta (Union Latina, Redalc Office, Dominican Republic, pimienta!

  Network Analysis in Support of InternetPolicy Requirements                                                              FAC

             Hans-Werner Braun (San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA,

             Kim Claffy (San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA,


FD: Future Global Network Policy

  Global Networking from Asia-PacificPerspective                                                                                FDA

             Kilnam Chon (KAIST, Korea,

  On Policy Issues for the Operation ofEuropean Data Networks for the Research Community              FDB

             Klaus Ullmann (Direction Operational Unit Ltd., United Kingdom,

  EBONE - Backbone and Neutral Interconnect                                                                                    FDC

             Frode Greisen (EARN, Denmark, frode.greisen@


Track G: Regional Issues

GA: Asia Pacific

  Sustainable Development Networks/Concepts& Practice in Australia/Pegasus Network Experience             GAA

             Ian Peter (Pegasus Networks, Australia,

  Mule: A MULtilingual Enhancement to GNU Emacs                                                                            GAB

             Ken'ichi Handa (, Japan,

             Mikiko Nishikimi (ElectroTechnical Laboratory, Japan,

             Satoru Tamura (ElectroTechnical Laboratory, Japan,

  Building an International Network inAsian-Pacific Rim: the Taiwan Strategy                                         GAC

             Chang-Sung Yu (National Taiwan University, Republic of China,


GB: Central and Eastern Europe

  Research Networks in the Baltic States                                                                                 GBA

             Ants Work (Institute of Cybernetics, Estonia,

  Telecommunications and Networking in BalticCountries                                                         GBB

             Algirdas Pakstas (Inst. Math & Informatics, Lithuania,

  Networking in the Czech Republic - The CESNETProject                                                                  GBC

             Jan Gruntorad (Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republik, tkjg@earn.cvut.cs)

  SANET: Evolution and Services                                                                                                          GBD

             Karol Fabian (Institute of Automation and Communication/UAKOM, Slovakia,

             Lubos Elias (Institute of Automation and Communication, Slovakia, elias@uakom.cs)

             Dusan Hruby (Institute of Automation and Communication, Slovakia, hruby@uakom.cs)

  Romanian Computer Network for Education andResearch - the First Steps                                        GBE

             Paul Cristea (Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Romania,

             Trandafir Moisa (Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania,

  New Developments and Services in theHungarian Academic and Research Network                          GBF

             Peter Bakonyi (Hungaria Ltd.- HUNGARNET, Hungary,

             Laslo Csaba (Hungaria Ltd.- HUNGARNET, Hungary,

  Croatian Academic and Research Network                                                                                        GBG

             Predrag Pale (Zagreb University, Croatia,

  Networking in Poland                                                                                                            GBH

             Jerzy Zenkiewicz (Torun University, Poland,


GD: Empowering New Users

  Personal Computer-Based CommunicationsTraining: The Future in African Networking         GDA

             Gary Garriott (Volunteers in Technical Assistance, USA,


  Computing under "Socialism": ARetrospective and Perspective                                              GDB

             Seymour Goodman (University of Arizona, USA,

  Empowering Low-Bandwidth Users                                                                                                    GDC

             Laurence Press (UC Dominguez Hills, USA,

  Predicting and Facilitating the Success ofDeveloping Nations in the Use of International Networks: Insights and Proposals                 GDD

             Stephen Ruth (George Mason University, USA,


GE: European Developments

  NJE Services to the Users ... and More                                                                                 GEA

             Daniele Bovio (EARN Office, France, hi@frors12.bitnet)

             Frode Greisen (EARN, Denmark,

  Operational Network Services for the EuropeanResearch Community                                                GEB

             Howard Davies (University of Exeter, UK, United Kingdom,

  SuperJANET Applications                                                                                                                  GEC

             John Dyer (Joint Network Team, United Kingdom,

  EBONE, A Technical Overview                                                                                                         GED

             Bernhard Stockman (SUNET/NORDUnet/EBONE Network Op Ctr, Sweden,


GF: Latin America

  Networking Latin Americaand the Caribbean: Creating Alternatives                                                    GFA

             Luis German Rodriguez Leal (Universidad Central De Venezuela, Venezuela,

  Non-Commercial Networking in Brazil

             Michael Stanton (Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

  The Chilean Internet Connection or I NeverPromised You a Rose Garden                             GFB

             Patricio Poblete (Universidad de Chile, Chile,

             Ricardo Baeza-Yates (Universidad de Chile, Chile,

             Jose Piquer (Universidad de Chile, Chile,


GG: Africa

  Lessons in Network Building in Africa: TheNeed for Development of Network Supportive Infrastructure  GGA

             Lishan Adam (UNECA/PADIS ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia,

  Academic Networking in Tunisia                                                                                                         GGB

             Nejib Abida (Regional Institute of Science Info. & Tel, Tunisia, abida@tnearn.bitnet)



A: INET '93 Advance Program

B: INET '93 Organizing Committee

C: INET '93 Program Committee

D: Developing Countries Workshop Organizing Committee

E: Cross-listing of INET '93 Session Chairs

F: Cross-listing of INET '93 Authors, and Panelists

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