APEC Symposium



(APEC Symposium for Realizinga Information Society in the Field of R&D Activities)

Science and Technology Agency, Japan

Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Japan


March 27, Wednesday

9:30 Registra tion

10:00 Greeting, Opening Remarks

10:15 Special Lecture

"Impact on Social Economy by Network Lif\king in APEC Economies"

Dr. Noboru Makino (Senior Advisor, Mitsubishi Resea rch Institute, Japan)

11:15 Keynote Speech I

"Towards an Asia-Pacific Gigabit Testbed"

Prof. Michael A. McRobbie (Chief Executive Officer, Cooperative Research Center for

Advanced Computational Systems, Australia National University, Australia)

12:15 Lunch

13:45 Keynote Speech II

"Future Image of INTERNET toward Gil"

Dr. Steven N. Goldstein (Program Director, Division of Networking and

Communication Research & Infrastructure, National Science Foundation, USA)

14:45 Coffee Break

15:00 Presentation Session

"Application and Contents - Review and Vision of Some Examples"

1) Current Status and Future Prospects of Multimedia Telemedicine using Computer


Dr. Hiroshi Mizushima (Head of Bioinformatics Section, Cancer Information and

Epidemiology Division, National Cancer Center Research Institute, Japan)

2) Promotion of Access to Technological Information in Asia

Dr. Sudhiporn Patumtaewapibal (Director, Technology Information Access

Center,NSTDA, Thailand)

3) Singapore High-speed ATM Testbed: Architecture, Implementations and R & D

Dr. Weiguo Wang (Assistant Program Manager, Institute of Systems Science, National

University of Singapore, Singapore)

4) Toward highly advanced contents and their distribution promotion:Case of JICST

Mr. Toshihiko Kanda (Director, Planning Office, The Japan Information Center of

Science and Technology,Japan)

17:20 Closing

March 28, Thursday

9:30 Registration

10:00 Keynote Speech III

"Accelerating the Eme'rgence of Canada' s Information Society"

Dr. Douglas I. Hughes (Director-International Planning,CANARIE INC., Canada)

11:00 Keynote Speech IV

"Possibility of High-speed Network -World Expo-"

Dr. Jun Murai (Associate Professor, Faculty of Environment Information, Keio


12:00 Lunch

13:30 Keynote Speech V

"Asia Pacific Information Highway - Why not Gigabits?"

Dr. Kilnam Chon (Professor, Korean Advanced Institute of Science Technology,Korea)

14:30 Coffee Break

14:50 Panel Discussion

"Future Image of the Asia Pacific Giga-bit Network and its Applications"

Panel Coordinator

Dr. Hideo Aiso (Chairperson, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio

University, Japan)


Dr. Shigeki Goto (Executive Manager, Global Computing Laboratory, NIT Software

Laboratories, Japan)

Mr. Zhenzhong Huang (Chief, Information Researching & Analysis Center, ISTIC,


Dr. Thaweesak Koanantakool (Deputy Director, NECTEC, Thailand)

Mr. Kin-Kiong Low (Director, Computer Center, Nanyang Technological University,


Mr. Sudarmadji Sastrosudarmo (Head, Industrial Research & Assessment of

Technology and Socio Culture, Agency of Industrial R & D, Ministry of Industry,


and Keynote Speakers

Prof. Michael A. McRobbie, Dr. Steven N. Goldstein,Dr. Andrew K. Bjerring,

Dr. Kilnam Chon

16:50 Closing Remarks

17:00 Closing

Jungbae An,
Jul 12, 2012, 9:27 PM