JWCC '93


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Workshop Organization of JWCC-8

JWCC-8 Program Schedule


Session A1: Communication Architecture & Protocol (CAP-I)

A1-1     Semi-automatic Implementation of ISO Application Layer Protocol: Multiple Tools Approach

             M. C. Wong and R. Lai AUSTRALIA

A1-2     ESTRAX: An Interactive Translator from FSMs to Estelle

            Yao Xue Zhang, Shu, San Xia, and Yue Zhang PRC

A1-3      A Design Method of Application-Oriented Protocol Based on Knowledge-Based Design Methodology

             Takuo Suganuma, Kenji Sugawara, Tetsuo Kinoshita, Norio Shiratori, and Wentao Liu JAPAN


Session A2: Multimedia System (MMS-I)

A2-1     Voice Conference Tool across The Internet

            Hiroyuki Tanaka, Koji Okamura, Masaki  Hirabaru, and Keijiro Amki JAPAN

A2-2     Design of Video Mail Service on Desktop Multimedia System

             Byeong-Nam Yoon, Jae-Doo Huh, Ju- Young Lee, and Chi-Jung Hwang KOREA

A2-3      Performance Enhancement of Fractal Block Coder

            Kyu Tae Park, Taek Hyun Yun, Jong Sik Kim, Young Kyu Kim, and Hyun Min Jung


Session A3: Intelligent Network (IN-I)

A3-1    Requirements for Data Communications Networks in Service Operation System Platform

            Masaharu Morihiro JAPAN

A3-2     Design and Implementation of Charging Data Transfer Protocol in Intelligent Network

            Sang- yong Kang, Byung-hoon Min, and Seong-keun Lee KOREA

A3-3     Design and Implementation of High Performance SCCP Protocol for The Large Scale STP

            S.S. Yang and Y. H. Lee KOREA

A3-4     Modeling and Analysis of Message Transfer Part for the CCS by Multiprocessor

             Seok C. Park KOREA


Session A4: High Performance Transport Protocol (HPTP-I)

A4-1     OMTP : On-Line Multimedia Transport Protocol

            EunGi Kim and SunShin An   KOREA

A4-2      Effect of Synchronous Bandwidth Allocation Timer on The FDDI Network Performance

            Chi- Chun Lo and Yung-Han Lee   ROC

A4-3     Study of Interconnection between DQDB and Broadband ISDN

             Jean-Lien C. Wu, Yen-Wen Chen, and Ken J. Y. Shih    ROC

A4-4     Study on A Dynamic Adaption Protocol for Multiple TCP Versions

             Byoungsoon Kim     KOREA


Session Bl: Communication Architecture & Protocol (CAP-II)

B1-1    Multicasting Algorithm for ShufHeNet Multihop Lightwave Networks

            Seonuck Paek, Taehyun Kim, Yanghee Choi, and Chongsang Kim     KOREA

B1-2     Multicast Message Ordering on Ethernet-like Networks

            Jongsung Kim, Cheeha Kim, and Inseog Seo     KOREA

B1-3     Routing Security: Secure and Reliable Communications Using Information Dispersal

              Method and Secret Routing Algorithms

            Ilyong Chung, Youngrok Lee, and Seokwoo Kim     KOREA


Session B2: Multimedia System (MMS-II)

B2-1    Character Encoding Method for Int e rnatio nalized P lain Tex t Processing

             Masataka Ohta     JAPAN

B2-2     Flexible Architecture for Communication Processing en-ice between P T - and PSDN

            Do- Young Kim. Kook-Jin Nam. Hyeon- Sung Hong. Chang-Bum Lee, Sang-Joong Kim, 

            and Byeong-Nam Yoon  KOREA

B2-3     Building A Multimedia Electronic Network News System under TA. -ET (Taiwan Academic Network)

            Zeng- Yuan Yang and Shang-Rong Tsai  ROC


Session B3: Intelligent Network (IN-II)

B3-1     AIN Systems Platform Architecture

             N. H. Park, J. U. Chae, H. T. Lee, S. K. Lee, and Y. H. Lee      KOREA

B3-2     IPC Mechanism for NICS on Intelligent Network

             Hyunjoo Bae, Kyungjune Park, Jiseon Kim, and Pyungdong Cho      KOREA

B3-3     A Traffic Overload Regulation at SCP III Intelligent Network

             ChoongHo Cho, Yunheui Kim, KyungHyu Lee, and PyungDong Cho   KOREA


Session B4: High Performance Transport Protocol (HPTP-II)

B4-1     High-Speed Transport Protocol for Multichannel Communications

            Hyun Kook Kahng, Dongkyu Lim, Youngae Chun, and Chu Hwan Yim   KOREA

B4-2     Design of The High Speed Transport Protocol Supporting Group Communication

             Byung Kwen Song, Ji Woo Jung, Young Hee Lee, and Sun Shin An   KOREA

B4-3     A Cell-Based Multichannel Architecture for Local Area Networks

             Chun-Chao Yeh, Juin-Tarn Lin, Cheng- Yu Tu, Jan-Ming Ho, and Jie- Yang Juang  ROC


Session C1: Communication Architecture & Protocol (CAP-III)

C1-1     The Motonori Problem and Its Solution by Policy Routing

              Yuko Murayama, Motonori Nakamura, and Hideyuki Aikawa  JAPAN

C1-2      A Multicast Protocol for Wide Area Network

              Akihiro Fujii, Yoshiaki Nemoto, and Shoichi Noguchi JAPAN

C1-3      Solving Routing Problems by Genetic Algorithm

               Hakman Wan HONG KONG


Session C2: Multimedia Tetworking (MMN-I)

C2-1     A Reference Model for Integrating CGM and CGI in Networking Environments

              Kwan-Hee Yoo, Nak-hun Baek, Young-Seop Shin, and Byung-Kwon Ye KOREA

C2-2     Dynamic Hypermedia System using Knowledge Agent for Multimedia Information Networks

              Michiaki Katsumoto and Yoshitaka Shibata  JAPAN

C2-3     The Concepts and Design Principles of Integrated Multimedia Local Area Network

             Tsunetoshi Hayashi  JAPAN


Session C3: Distributed Computing (DC-I)

C3-1     An Object-Oriented Programming Environment for Distributed Applications

             P.W. Huang  ROC

C3-2     Implementation and Study of Paradise on Distributed Environment

             Koji Okamura, Keijiro Araki, Masaki Hirabaru, and Takeshi Nawata  JAPAN

C3-3     A Taxonomy of Specification Models in Protocol Testing View

              Woojik Chun      KOREA


Session C4: Security & Reliability(S&R)

C4-1     A Logic-Based Verification Framework for Network Security Protocols

            Tzonelih Hwang, Huey Der Chu, and Wei Chi Ku  ROC

C4-2     The Reliability Analysis of Distributed Computing System with Imperfect Nodes

             Deng-Jyi Chen and Min-Sheng Lin  ROC

C4-3     A Secure Broadcasting Algorithm in Distributed System

             Huei-Chung Chu, JenRong Chen, and Ping- Tai Sun  ROC


Session D1: Communication Architecture & Protocol(CAP-IV)

D1-1      Performance Evaluation of an X.25 Front-End Processor: Measurements and

              Analysis with Polling System

              Jae Ho You, Won Ryu, Tae Jon Kim, and Byeong Nam Yoon  KOREA

D1-2     Versatile Internal Protocol for The TDX-IO Packet Handler

              Seong-Soon Joo, Joonki Min, Kyung-Pyo Jun, and Young-Si Kim  KOREA

D1-3     Sequence Designs for Synchronous Code-Division Multiple Access Fiber-Optic

              Systems with Multi-Media Services    Guu-Chang Yang  ROC


Session D2: Multimedia Networking (MMN-II)


D2-l      An OCPN-Based Presentation Model for Distributed Multimedia Systems

            DonLin Yang, An-Chi Liu, and Jyh-Dar Lin  ROC

D2-2     A Flexible and Extensible Conferencing Framework for Desktop Video Conference Systems 

            S. C. Jiang, G. K. Ma, S. H. Huang, and J. J. Chen ROC

D2-3     A Workbench System for Multimedia Service on ISDN

             Sun-Lang Hsiao, Ming- Yu Tseng, Wei-Thot Lee, Ming-Jang Pei, Ding- Yen Yeh, Wen-Jang Wu, 

            Wen-Hen Luo, Jang Liu, and Feng- Yue Hung  ROC

D2-4      Optimal Synchronization Scenario Method for Temporal Synchronization Anomaly

             Byeongho Jeon and Taekyun Kim  KOREA


Session D3: Distributed Computing (DC-II)

D3-1     Software Process Model and Its Conflict Analysis

            Shigeru Fujita, Kenji Sugawara, and Li Shiyong  JAPAN

D3-2     Test Sequence Generation Method with Minimum Restrictions

             Jae Hong Park, Seong Chun Kim, Jai Yong Lee, and Byung Moon Jin  KOREA

D3-3     Design Concepts Of PC/WS Interoperable Softwares(PI TOS)

             Sungtaeg Jun, Geun Young Lee, Soran Ine, and Duk-Joo Son KOREA


Session D4: Distributed Database Sy terns DDB

D4-1     The Design and Implementation of A Distributed Transac ion Processing System

             Shyan-Ming Yuan and Jiann-Hung Lin  ROC

D4-2      Image Database Reflecting Humans' Sense

              Haruhiko Nishiyama, Sumi Kin, TeruYokoyama, and Yutaka Matsushita  JAPAN

D4-3     Accessing Remote Database Through A Uniform Interface

              Jia-Ling Koh, Wen-Fang Wang, Alex N. J. Wu, Shu-Chin Su Chen, and Bao-Shuh Paul Lin  ROC

D4-4      Strategy for Cooperating Multiple Database Systems

             Chiaki Yahata and Makoto Takizawa  JAPAN


Session E1 Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM-I)

E1-1     Study of Departure Process of Leaky Bucket Controlled On/Off Source in ATM


               Jean-Lien C. Wu, Yen- Wen Chen, and Bao-Huah Chou  ROC

E1-2      Data Communication over ATM Network    

                Kicheon Kim and Jong-Hyeon Lee KOREA

E1-3      Traffic Flow Control of Broadband Network Termination for Prevention of Congestion

               in ATM Networks    

                Soong-Hee Lee, Jun-Kyun Choi, and Heung-Moon Choi      KOREA


Session E2: Network Management Systems (NMS-I)

E2-1     Integrated Management: Emerging Trends and Future Challenges    

                Pradeep Ray and Michael Fry AUSTRALIA

E2-2     Adaptation Function in The Telecommunication Management Networks (TMN)

             Systems Architecture

                Jose Neuman De Souza, Nazim Agoulmine, and Jean-Pierre Claude    FRANCE

E2-3     An Experimental OSI Network Management System: TLMS    

                Ching-Sung Lu, C. F. Kuo, H. C. Young, Y. W. Tsai, P. F. Chen, Y. S. Chiou, 

                C. Y. Wu, K. L. Fan, and Y. C. Chen      ROC


Session E3: Groupware (CSCW-I)

E3-1     A Group Communication Support for UNIX    

            T. Y. Liang, C. H. Lee, and Francis Tam  HONG KONG

E3-2     Rate-Based Flow Control for A High-Speed Group Communication Protocol                  

            AkihikoNakamura and Makoto Takizawa  JAPAN

E3-3     Design and Implementation of Group Communication Platform for Supporting

             Cooperative Works    

            Jae-Hong Yim and Yong-Jin Park  KOREA


Session E4: Distributed Computing (DC-III)

E4-1     A Distributed System for Interactive Visualization of Fractals    

            Hong Liu and Matthew C. Setzer  USA

E4-2     DGT-Taiwan Tel SOPS-Service Order Processing Systems - Advance Custom

             Client-Server Computing Platform    

            Bao-Shuh Wu  ROC

E4-3     An ODBC Based Distributed Multimedia DBMS Architecture    

            Shih-Min Mao, Lee-Chuan Chuang, and Suh- Yun Wu  ROC


Session F1: Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM-II)

F1-1      ITAS: B-ISDN Terminal Adaptor for ISDN-Phone

              Weonsoon Kim, Kilyoung Choi, Taewoon Kang, and Munkee Choi  KOREA

F1-2      An Optimized Call Admission Control Strategy using Knapsack Algorithm

              Jongwook Jang, Jung-tae Lee, and Chi-moon Han  KOREA

F1-3     A Predictive Link-by-Link Rate-Based Flow Control and Buffer Management

             Architecture for ATM Networks

              ShiWei Wang, Kok Wah Lee, and K. C. Hong ROC

F1-4     Ring Based ATM-LAN Architecture

            Byung Chun Jeon and Dae Young Kim KOREA


Session F2: Network Management Systems (NMS-II)

F2-1    A Design and Implementation of The Graphical Network Monitoring and Analysis

            System for The Signaling Network NO.7

            Kyeounsoo Kim, Jungtae Kim, Kidong Nam, and Byungdo Go KOREA

F2-2    The RMON MIB and Management

            Michael C. Y. Wu, Allan J. L. Lin, and Mickey M. C. Tsai ROC

F2-3    Design and Implementation of Distributed Internet Exception Tracker

            Shigeru Yamamoto, Kiyohiko Okayama. and Suguru Yamaguchi JAPAN


Session F3: Groupware (CSCW-II)

F3-1    Knowledge Propagation with FISH: Experience and Analysis

            Yoshiaki Seki,   Toshihiko Yamakami, and Akihiro Shimizu  JAPAN

F3-2    Mainframe E-mail Use on The Distributed Campus Computer Environment for

             Group Programming Practice

            Hidetoshi Kawai, Toshihiro Hanzawa, Hiroki Yoshida, and Fumio Takayama  JAPAN

F3-3     A Multimedia Collaboration System for FILM Pre-Production

            Eric Gidney and Annmarie Chandler  AUSTRALIA


Session F4: Distributed Computing (DC-IV)

F4-1     Design and Implementation of A Distributed Monitor Facility

              Shyan-Ming Yuan and Yu-Kwen Hsu  ROC

F4-2      A Deadlock-Free Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Sharing Diverse


                Jin- Cherng Lin and Fwu-Song Jih  ROC

F4-3       Distributed Self-Stabilizing Systems

                Shing-Tsaan Huang and Lih-Chyau Wuu ROC


Session G1: Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM-III)

G1-1     The Method of Integrating Management of Network Configuration Information

             J. Nakagawa, Y. Yamanaka, and T. Yamaki  JAPAN

G1-2     An Internationalization of Message Handling System XMH by using Motif Toolkit

              Jungre Cho, Soomyung Park, Jaeyong Kim, and Sunyoung Han  KOREA

G1-3     IONet-Towards An Interoperable Open Network

              Kwang-soo Kim, Byoung-moon Chin, and Chu-hwan Yim  KOREA


Session G2: Network Management Systems (NMS-III)

G2-1     The Design and Implementation of A Network Management System

            Chen-Ming Tseng  ROC

G2-2     SONET and OSI Management Model

            Shih-Chun Wang  ROC

G2-3     The Design and Implementation of A BLAN Management System

            Chieh- Wen Cheng, Chiu-Sen Chang, Nen-Fu Huang, and Ron-Lon Tsai  ROC

G2-4     An Implementation Model of OSI Fault Management

             Jae-Oh Lee, Kee-Hyun Lee, and Kuk-Hyun Cho  KOREA


Session G3: Groupware (CSCW-III)

G3-1     A Secret Sharing Scheme for Hierarchical User Groups

             Shiuh-Pyng Shieh and Hung-Min Sun      ROC

G3-2     Design and Implementation of An Integrated Computer Supported Cooperation

              Work System (ICSCWS)

              Der-Ming Liou and Liang-Jyh Wang      ROC

G3-3     X Window Based Group Collaborative Editing System

              Wuu- Yeong Leu and    ShyanMing Yuan  ROC


Session G4: Distributed Computing (DC-V)

G4-1     Two Address Allocation Schemes Impacts on An OIDSM System

              I-Shyan Hwang and Jae-Soo Kim  USA

G4-2     Improvement of Communication Processing using Thread and Signal in A High   

             Performance Computing Environment on A Cluster of Workstations

             Kiyoshi Ryoukai, Tadanori Tezuka, Bernady O. Apduhan. and Toshinori Sueyoshi JAPAN

G4-3     Reducing Latency in A Distributed Shared Memory System

             Byung- Wook Lee and Young-Chan Kim  KOREA


Session H1: Communication Architecture & Protocol (CAP-V)

H1-1     The Application of MFOS in TTI

             Shei-Mu Huang ROC

H1-2     A Comparative Analysis of Internet Routing Algorithms

             Chi-Chun Lo and Chun-Shi Chen      ROC

H1-3     A Code Division Multiple Access Packet Radio Sub-system under Intelligent

              Network Concepts

              Songchar Jiang and Pao-Ta Yu  ROC


Session H2: Human Machine Interface(HMI)

H2-1     A Quality Matrix for User Services

              Hong Liu and Donald Hockney  USA

H2-2     A New Approach to Learning Vector Quantization

             Yuan-Cheng Lai, Shiaw-Shian Yu, and Sheng-Lin Chou  ROC

H2-3     Design and Implementation of User Friendly Interface for Directory Services

              Keizo Saisho, Hiroaki Kashima, Kenichi Soejima, and Zengo Furukawa  JAPAN


Session H3: Distributed Cooperative Systems (DCPS)

H3-1     A Cooperative Scheme for Selecting Routing Algorithms

             Huan- Wen Tzeng, JiannLiang Chen, Ronlon Tsai, and Hung-Fa Sun  ROC

H3-2     A Heuristic Fuzzy Logic Load Index Strategy in Distributed Systems

            Jin-Cherng Lin and Jian-Rung Chen  ROC

H3-3     Adaptive Load Balancing with Distributed Dispatchers using Piggybacked Information

             Takashi Watanabe, Tsuyoshi Ohta, and Tadanori Mizuno  JAPAN

H3-4     New Approach to Solution Synthesis of The Heterogeneous Multi-Agent System

             ODKPS/TH-3 Hongxia Yang, Peng Hu, and Chunyi Shi PRC


Session H4: Conformance Testing (CT)

H4-1     Improving The UV-Method for Protocol Conformance Test Sequence Generation

             Wen-Huei Chen, Chuan Yi Tang, and S. T. Vuong  ROC

H4-2     An Application of A Decomposition Method for Reachability Analysis

             X. Li, R. Lai and T. S. Dillon  AUSTRALIA

H4-3     The Architecture and Conformance Testing of The Message Handling System

             Ching-Sung Lu, M. C. Chu, R. S. Horne, C. F. Kuo, K. H. Liang, A. T. Chang, I. Lin, G.

             H. Jeng, and W. J. Hwang  ROC

H4-4     Design of A Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP)

            Ching-Sung Lu, C. F. Kuo, F. 1. Lin, C. 1. Hwang, W. 1. Yang, and M. J. Chen  ROC