Major Web Sites

Candidae Chapters and Appendices

Access(last billion, satellite,..)

Digital Ecosystems (Internet Ecosystem, AI Ecosystem, Security Ecosystem, Media Ecosystem,...)

Digital Space (markets/services, transformation,..)

Social Media (SNS, text/picture/video, messaging, abuse/misinformation,...)

E-Commerce; B2C/B2B, Payment system,...

Internet and Global Issues; global warming, pollution,...

Snapshots of the Internet around 2020


Essays by Friends of Asia Internet History Project; Last 50 years, Short Essays


[Atkinson 2021] R. Atkinson, Satellite Internet, [net-econ] and WSJ, 2021.3.20.

[Chon 2021] Kilnam Chon, Internet Ecosystem, 2021. [draft ppt] [draft article]

[Chon 2021b] Kilnam Chon, Digital Ecosysem, 2021. [draft ppt] [draft article]

[ETSI 2020] ETSI, Global cyber security ecosystem, TR103, 2020.

[McKinsey 2018] McKinsey, Digital McKinsey Insights: Winning in Digital Ecosystem, 2018.

[NCSAI 2021] NCSAI, Final Report, 2021.

[Potii 2018] "ITU Seminar", 2018.5.15.

[Sadik, 2020] S.Sadik, Toward sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem, MDPI, 2020.


Major Web Sites

ACM SIGCOMM History Resources

Asia Internet History Project,

Boston Consulting Group,

Internet economics indexing

Charles Babbage Institute,

China Labs, Oral History of the Internet

Computer History Museum, A History of the Internet 1962~1992,, Oral History.


Internet Statistics

IEEE History Center


Internet Archive,

Internet History Library

Internet History Mailing List, [ih]

Internet Society,

History of Internet, and various publication(INET, ISOC News, On the Internet,....),

Internet History Site, and many other aspects of the Internet


Internet economics indexing

Network Collective, History of Networking


United Nations,

Web Foundation,

Web indexing


WIWIW, (Who Is Who in the Internet World headed by Andreu Vea)

World Economic Forum,

Internet economics indexing

World Internet Statistics,

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