What's New?

2017                  Book 1(1980s) and Book 2 (1990s) are available as Google Books
2017-05-10        ICANN History Project
2017-09             Internet Society APAC Connections - September 2017 (Guest Aricle: Internet History - Asian Perspective by Kilnam Chon)
2017-10-15        Call for Papers: ARPANET (1969-1990), Internet Histories.
2017~2018        Additional personal essays in Book 1 Chapter 7 
 Luca Belli and Olga CavalliInternet Governance and Regulations in Latin America
2019-1               Early RFCs available from Computer History Museum
2019-2               Expecting articles from Wilson/APNIC, Smith/APRICOT and Hotta/ccNSO in 2019.
2019-2               Internet Interview Projects: Oral Intenet History by China Labs, Robert Mitchell/APNIC, 
                          Babbage Insitute/U. of Minnesota, Computer History Museum, Andrew Ure/WiWiW
2019-02-28        Kilnam Chon presented at 2019 APRICOT on Internet History Projects
2019-05~           Book 4 (2011-2020) under discussion for publication by 2023

Project Milestone

2011-03           Agreed to Launch Asia Internet History Project during Global INET.
2011-10           Formed Coordination Committee of Asia Internet History Projects.
2012-01           Formed Advisory Group of Asia Internet History Projects.
2011~2013      Interviews for Video Recording (YouTube)
2013-12           Published Book 1,   A History of the Internet in Asia: First Decade (1980~1990); available from Amazon.com.
2015-02           Published Book 2,   A History of the Internet in Asia: Second Decade (1991~2000); available from Amazon.com.
2016-05           Published Book 3,   A History of the Internet in Asia: Third Decade (2001~2010); available from aladin.co.kr and kyobo.co.kr.
2016-06           Internet History Project moved to maintenance mode with periodic updates.
2016-06~         Request for national Internet history articles on Internet Governance, Cyber Security, Online Education, Snapshots,....
2019-06           Request for review on Table of Contents of Book 4 (2010s)



Updated: 2019-06-18 Contact sec at InternetHistory.Asia for further information.