Interview Video List

Adiel Akplogen/AfriNIC, ITU WCIT-12, 2012

Adiel Akplogen, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.3

Anwar Amjad, Project Interview, 2013.8

Dmitry Burkov, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Brian Carpenter, Project Interview, Cambridge, 2012.12

Natarajan Chandrasekaren/Tata Consultancy, Insead, 2012 (YouTube)

Joseph Chen/RenRen, China 2.0, 2011, (YouTube)

Ching Chiao, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Edmon Chung, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Kilnam Chon/KAIST, APSIG 2018, The Other Billions (in Korean), 2014

Miwa Fujii, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Shigeki Goto, Project Interview, Daejeon, 2013.8

Hu, Daoyuan, Project Interview, Beijing, 2013.4

Hu, Qiheng, Project Interview, Beijing, 2013.4

Jinho Hur, State of the Mobile Game Market in Korea, 2012.10.25. (YouTube)

Geoff Huston/APNIC, IPv6, 2012.6.6 (YouTube)

Joichi Ito/MIT Media Lab, Web 2.0, 2012 (YouTube)

Tarek Kamel, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Dae Young Kim, Project Interview, Daejeon, 2013.8

Dae Young Kim, Project Interview, Daejeon, 2013.8 [in Korean]

Eun-ju Kim/ITU, ITU WCIT-12, 2012

Jungju Kim/Nexon, Seoul Digital Forum, 2011 [in Korean]

Peter Kirstein (with others), Birth of the Internet in UK, 2013.7.3

Sirgoo Lee/Kakao, Big Tent, Seoul, 2012

Robin Li/Baidu, Web 2.0, 2010 (YouTube)

Li, Xing, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.

Simon Lin, Project Interview, Daejeon, 2013.8

Jack Ma/Alibaba, China 2.0, Stanford University, 2011 (YouTube)

Jack Ma/Alibaba, Columbia University, 2011 (YouTube)

Tommy Matsumoto, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Hiroshi Mikitani/Rakuten, LeWeb London, 2012 (YouTube)

Jun Murai, Erasmus Collection

Jun Murai, UNESCO

Jun Murai, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Narayan Murty/Infosys, Stanford Business School, 2006 (YouTube)

Azim Premji/Wipro, Stanford Business School, 2009 (YouTube)

Iqbal Quadir, Mobiles Fight Poverty, TED, 2005.7

JP Rangaswami, "Informatioan is Food", TED, 2012

George Sadowsky, Project Interview, Beijing, 2013.4

Siavash Shahshahani, Project Interview, Beijing, 2013.4

Yat Siu/Outblaze, Erasmus Collection

Yat Siu/Outblaze, MaD 2011 Talk, 2011 (YouTube)

Masayoshi Son/SoftBank, WSJ, 2012

Tan Tinwee, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Mark Tinka, SEACOM, 2012 (YouTube)

Mark Tinka, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Gaurab Upadhaya, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Save Vocea, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Paul Wilson, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013 2

Pindar Wong, The Pulse, with Charles Mok (YouTube)

Pindar Wong, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Kuo-wei Wu, Project Interview, Singapore, 2013.2

Sureswaran Ramdass, Project Interview, Kuala Lumpur, 2013.10

Wu, Jianping, Project Interview, Seoul, 2013.11

Chanmo Park/PUST, KRNET 2013, 2013.6.25 [in Korean]

Remark: "Project Interview" means that the interview was carried out by Asia Internet History Project Team.

Others were interviewed by other organizations such as TED, and UNESCO.

Remark2: Please contact sec at for further access on raw files of "Project Interview".

Remark 3: Please refer Fourth Decade (2010s), Appendix F: Interview Projects for Other Internet Pioneer Interview Projects

- APRICOT, Singapore, 2013.2.23~28

- ICANN, Beijing, 2013.4.7~11

- APAN, Daejeon, 2013.8.19~23

- GFI, Seoul, 2013.11.18~20

Updated: 2020-06-17

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