APCCIRN/APNG Meeting List (with APNG Camp List) - Draft


1991.6 Initial Discussion on APCCIRN, Copenhagen(during INET)

 Ira Fuchs called the meeting

                           Agenda   Minutes 

1991.8             1st Preliminary APCCIRN Meeting, Honolulu

Haruhisa Ishida called the meeting

                           Agenda   Minutes

1991.11.12 2nd Preliminary APCCIRN Meeting, Santa Fe(during IETF)

 Robin Erskine and Shoichiro Asano called the meeting 

                           Agenda   Minutes(APCCIRN-003)

1992.6.9 3rd Preliminary APCCIRN Meeting, Tokyo

                         Shoichiro Asano called the meeting 

                          Agenda   Report(APCCIRN-006)

1993.1.12-13 1st APCCIRN Meeting, Honolulu

                           Agenda(APCCIRN-011)   Minutes(APCCIRN-021)

1993.8.20-21 APCCIRN Meeting, San Francisco

                           Agenda(APCCIRN-024)   Minutes(APCCIRN-035)

1993.12.10~11 APCCIRN Meeting, Taipei

                           Agenda(APCCIRN-036)   Minutes(APCCIRN-041)

1994.6.17-18 APCCIRN Meeting, Prague, Name changed to APNG

                           Agenda(APCCIRN-045)   Minutes(APNG-047)

1994.11.28~29 APNG Meeting, Beijing

                           Agenda(APNG-053)   Minutes(APNG-060)

1995.1               APNIC Meeting, Bangkok www.APNIC.net

1995.6.30~7.1   APNG Meeting, Honolulu

                           Agenda   Minutes

1995                 APIA (Spinoff of APNG Commercial WG) www.APIA.org

1995                 AI3    (Spinoff of APNG satellite WG)  www.Ai3.net

1996.1.22-24   APNG Meeting, Singapore

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes

1996.1 1st APRICOT, Singapore,  www.APRICOT.net

                           APNG Meeting, Singapore

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes

1996.6.28-29    APNG Meeting, Montreal

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes

1997.1.26~28    APNG Meeting, Hong Kong

                           Annoucement  Agenda   Minutes

1997.6.27-28 APNG Meeting, Kuala Lumpur

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes

1997.6              1st  APAN Meeting (Spinoff of APAN BoF), Tokyo www.APAN.net

1998.2.17-20 APNG Meeting, Manila

                           Announcement    Program   Agenda   Minutes

1998.7.24~25    APNG Meeting, Geneva

                           Announcement   Program   Agenda   Minutes

1998.6              1st APccTLD Meeting (Spinoff of APccTLD BoF), Geneva www.APTLD.org  [changed to APTLD later]

1999.2.28~3.1 APNG Meeting, Singapore

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes

1999.6.25 APNG Meeting, San Jose

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes

2000.2.27          1st AP* Retreat, Seoul

2000.2.28 APNG Meeting, Seoul   

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes                                       

2000.7.21 APNG Meeting, Yokohama

                           Announcement   Agenda   Minutes                                

2001.2..26 APNG Meeting, Kuala Lumpur     

                           Agenda    Minutes  

2001.7.8 APNG Meeting, Stockholm

                           Agenda    Minutes

2002.2.28-3.1   APNG Meeting, Bangkok

                           Agenda    Minutes

2002.8.29 APNG Meeting, Shanghai (Jointly with AP* Retreat)

                            Announcement   Agenda   Minutes


2001.7             APNG Camp Plan (during AP* Retreat)

2002.2/3           APNG Camp, Bangkok

                            Presentation  Report

2002.8.28-29     APNG Camp, Shanghai

                            Presentation   Report

2003.2.20-21 APNG Camp, Taipei
                            Presentation   Report

2003.8.24-25    APNG Camp, Busan

                            Presentation   Report

2004.7.2-5       APNG Camp, Cairns

                            Presentation   Report

2005.2.21-23    APNG Camp, Kyoto

                            Presentation   Report

2005.8.23-25    APNG Camp, Taipei

                            Presentation   Report

2006.7.17-20    APNG Camp, Singapore

                            Presentation   Report

2007.8.27-30    APNG Camp, Xian

                            Presentation   Report

2008.8.11-15    APNG Camp, Bangkok

                            Presentation   Report

2009.7.20-22    APNG Camp, Kuala Lumpur

                            Presentation   Report

2010.7.12-15    APNG Camp, Hiroshima

                            Presentation   Report

2011.2.21-24    APNG Camp, Hong Kong

                            Presentation   Report

2012.8.15~19   APNG Camp, Seoul

                            Presentation   Report