APCCIRN/APNG WG/BoF and Mailing Lists


1. WG
       Commercial WG  apng-commercial
       Developing Country WG  apccirn-develop
       Education WG  apng-education
             Disability Sub-WG  apng-enable
       Internationalization WG  apng-i18n
             Chinese Character Sub-WG  apng-cc
       Workshop WG  apng-workshop

       APSIRC  apsirc@

       Information Infrastructure  apng-ii
       Link Coordination  apng-link
       Organization  apng-organization

2. BoF
       Internet Exposition BoF  apng-expo
       AI3 BoF    

       Service Location in AP  apng-slap

      Mapping  apng-mapping
      Legal  apng-legal
         (moved to APPLe  apple@apnic.net)

3. others

      Announcement  apng-all
      Member  apng-member
      APNIC Project  apnic-all